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Please submit the following information for job posting consideration:

  1. Job postings must be affiliated with wastewater treatment.
  2. Name of facility or employer and location (city or town)
  3. Title of the position
  4. License grade and type if required
  5. A brief job summary, 200 words or less (include requirements such as: education, experience, or licenses)
  6. Information how to apply for the position
  7. Contact Name, telephone number and email address (for MWPCA records only)
  8. Submission Deadline Date (postings will be removed by this date unless otherwise notified)
  9. Email all job postings for consideration to:

When the job vacancy has been filled, the MWPCA Jobs Opportunity Hotline Administrator must be notified so that the entry can be removed. All postings will be removed when they are 90 days old. If you want to continue the ad you must notify before the 90 days is up. MWPCA reserves the right to add a job or remove job opportunities to the hotline.

While the MWPCA Jobs Hotline is free to post or view we would appreciate your support. Both job posters and job seekers can support the MWPCA by becoming members and help us in our effort to support you, the Water Professional.

Job Seekers – Current Jobs

The staff at the Hull MA wastewater facility …. this could be you! See a list of the open positions below.

Wastewater Operator